AeroDyNN2 is a DNN theme that gives you the freedom to be the designer! You are no longer tied down to costs, waits and agony as your project approaches its deadline.

AeroDyNN2 allows you to change the theme colours and save them instantly using our bespoke "Theme Designer".

Change any aspect of the theme you want, header, footer, titles, even fonts! The choice is yours!

Theme Designer Video

The Theme Designer module allows you to take complete control of your own website. Try it now by clicking the 'd' in the top left corner.

Please note: The save buttons have been removed for this demo.

How to completely redesign your website in under 10 minutes

Welcome to the AeroDyNN theme

This container displays some of the features that can be edited using the theme designer.

It is important to remember that the site-wide links option in the theme designer changes all links to the chosen colour, regardless of their background or container. For this reason it is important to select a colour that works in all containers. A developer can of course override css styles in a particular container using their own styles.

This is an example of a site-wide link. The hover colour of the site-wide link can also be edited by selecting the hover tab in the Theme Designer.